Motivational Seminars

Attitude is Everything

This seminar will assist you in expanding your horizon of what can be possible for you in real estate by providing you with the proper focus and mindset required to achieve whatever you desire in the business.  You will learn that the first and most important step to success in real estate sales starts with your attitude.


“Success must be cultivated on the inside before it will ever be manifested on the outside.”


Our attitude controls the outcome of everything in our lives. We decide in advance the level of success we will achieve in the real estate. We decide if we will get the listing or not before we ever arrive at the appointment. We decide if we will win the production event or not at the moment it is announced. We decide how much money we will make, just as we decide how hard we are willing to work to get it. We decide if we will make our goals or if we even have a goal.


“Ultimately our accomplishments in this business are 100% up to each one of us and it is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of attitude, focus, commitment, planning and action.”


Having trained and led hundreds of top producing agents over the last 40 years, the number one trait shared most by every one of them is having a winning attitude.  Second place will not work for these people; they have a committed relentless driving force to be the best.


Top agents do not give up, losing is not an option and they do not turn around and run the other way when faced with criticism or adversity. Their success has been predetermined, you can see it in their eyes, the way they carry their selves, their smile and handshake, in their production numbers and in the quality of their work.


One step at a time, we will develop all the elements that make up a top producer. Our future is created from our current self- descriptions which give us direction. Our expectations of ourselves will outline our level of achievement, and our image and visualization will transcend our careers from mediocre to off the charts. Once we remove the obstacles from our path that have been holding us back we will be on the road to creating real power and positive change in our careers. This seminar will help to increase your self-confidence and teach you how to become more self-motivated and show you how to make your own opportunities instead of waiting for them to magically appear.


Quite simply stated; success in the real estate sales business is about mindset. Once you get your head wrapped around that fact, the closer you will be to having a complete understanding of exactly how to create, obtain and celebrate success in the most financially rewarding business in the world.



Unleashing your Inner Potential



Eliminating Obstacles to Success



Creating Real Power 


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